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Hey Girl Heyyy... again [28 Aug 2008|07:48pm]

I started college... and it seems like a huge transition so far. My classes are hard. They were supposed to be easy compared to OLP... what is this?! I guess I've found it a bit harder to make friends here than in high school. I'm sure I'll meet more people as classes progress and stuff but still. Atleast I'm not completely alone. I have Jeanette who has become one of my only friends here but she is amazing. She's also a Film Production major so we see each other more than most people would think even though we only have 2 classes together. Then there's Jimbo who seems like the older brother type even though he is younger than I am. Anyway, Sociology and Forensics seem hard as they involve lots of reading haha which I don't like at all. But Bowling is amazing. I met this guy Spencer who is now my bowling partner and he is also from San Diego. I'm pretty sure I'm the only freshman in the class and one of 3 or 4 girls. FFC is amazing since we already knew everyone in the class and both Jimbo and Jeanette are in it... and some of my other friends. I swear Jeanette and I are gonna get in so much trouble. All we do it talk the entire time.

Sunday, Jeanette and I went to Audio Overload because well my future wife, Brittany, was there...

And again, she was totally amazing and I love her. She was talking to me and asked where we went to school and stuff. I felt bad cuz people weren't really going to her booth so she kept just walking around and I kept bumping into her around the booths and stuff. Then when we were leaving, she was coming back from the parking lot and she said bye to us and everything. God, I love Brittany! She signed a shirt and my shoe hahaha

I brought in this shoe as my personal object to share in FFC hahah yes, I am amazing like that.

Long and busy week. Joel McHale performed at Chapman last night. He was great. I love The Soup! Then Friday we have this Film meeting, the Matt (my totally amazing and flamboyant RA) is throwing a pizookie partyyyy!, then I want to go to the Orange International Street Fair til 10 cuz I'm going home on Saturday.
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FNMTV [02 Aug 2008|09:18pm]

Yeah, I'm the one in the red... to the left of Miley's feet.

FNMTV taping was amazing.
I am so in love with Miley. Emma and I were on TV just about the entire timeeee. I'm definitely the first audience member you see when Miley starts the show singing 7 Things (see above photo). Sweet. We were technically at the back end of the Pit but since it is a circle, they do a lot on the back end of the stage so we were literally leaning on the stage the whole time. One of the workers tipped us off telling us exactly where Miley was coming out so we would be positioned perfectly. I was the first and only one to see her when she was waiting to go on and she waved to me. We touched Pete Wentz, David Banner, some of Hawthorne Heights and the hot bassist from All Time Low. Oh and I accidentally semi-raped Miley. Good thing I am tall and have long arms or I would have had to be literally on the stage to touch her haha but she ran by again during Fly on the Wall and ran into my hand causing me to practically stroke her inner thigh... haha oops? And the best part is... they totally aired that part! Emma grabbed Pete's ass which made her day. I didn't bring my camera or phone in because well they said not to... but then encouraged those who snuck them in to use them... so next taping I go to, I will take loads of pictures. Ashlee Simpson and Anna Faris were there... and Pink! Lots of famous people. And Miley's mom of course. We saw Miley on the way into the set since they were moving her from her dressing room to the set. The set is amazingggg! I love the way it is set up. But FYI, all the lighting looks amazing on the actual show, but it's torture to the audience... almost seisure-enducing but fun. But yeah, if you didn't catch it... you can watch the reruns. They play them a lot.

I am severely entertained by the placement of my hand.

Okay, I'm done now. I went a bit overboard on the screen shots.

After, Emma and I went to the Walk of Fame since she had never seen it and we ate dinner since we hadn't eaten all day and were about to faint. We also bought matching scaves at Forever 21.

Tomorrow, I have my official audition for that MTV show I was talking about before... wish me luck. I don't know if I am what they are looking for, but if I am, hopefully it works out. I'm pretty nervous but I've been myself so far and they still seem interested in that, so I guess I'll just continue to be myself.
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PLEASE READ THIS [29 Jul 2008|10:32pm]

MTV is really adamant about me doing the TV show I applied for for them. It requires my mom and I to basically be on camera and talk about our differing views on sex and relationships. Yes, this would require me to basically out myself on national television and also for my mom to admit she has a lesbian daughter. While I have no real problem with this, my mom does. I can't do the show without her. I get $1000 for it, but I told her she could have the money. I just want to be able to get my story out and hopefully be able to help teens who are dealing with this same problem and struggle with talking to their parents about this stuff.

So my question to you is: How should I approach my mom to make her feel better about doing this? Basically, any comments are helpful. I really want to do this.
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FNMTV [27 Jul 2008|08:35pm]
I just got tickets to the taping of FNMTV next week when Miley Cyrus is performing!
I'm very excited. I love going to tapings in LA. I just need to find someone to drag up there. And the best part (besides it being free) is that the minimum age is 16... meaning that I won't have to deal with thousands of screaming 8 year olds. Yes, ironic since Miley isn't even 16 but still, I'm not complaining. Miley Cyrus, Hawthorne Heights, and David Banner will be there.

I am also contemplating going to the Teen Choice Awards this year. Tickets are $230... probably around $260 after ticketmaster charges and whatnot. I feel like the FNMTV taping would suffice even though I can't bring my camera or phone in. It would save me $260, and I would get to see Miley perform a few songs. I can do both... but it would require going up to LA twice in 3 days.
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Star Sightings [26 Jul 2008|08:33pm]
I'm going to update on my 2008 Comic Con experience in the next few days... but for now, just be jealous of these.

Anton Yelchin is my 2nd favorite actor (#1 being Jamie Bell) and I am sooooo in love with him. He signed my Charlie Bartlett DVD too and got really excited when I pulled it out.

Milo Ventimiglia *cue fangirl squees*. I am actually not in love with him like 90% of the female population. Yes, during this, I was preoccupied by the fact that Hayden Panettiere was in the same vacinity. Focus on the yellow blob above my head... yeah, that's Hayden. Note my "Hayden is my Hero" shirt. She saw it and gave the guy a thumbs up to give me a free shirt. "Here, this is from Hayden and Milo for your shirt". Yeah, be jealous! I'm going to marry her. She just doesn't know it yet.
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This was supposed to be posted on Thursday... [26 Jul 2008|08:31pm]
People never cease to amaze me... or atleast their stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

I am selling a ticket stub from the 2006 Teen Choice Awards on Ebay... and although it clearly states in the auction description that it is from 2006 and is not a ticket to the 2008 show, people have the bidding up to $152. Lik WTFFFF people. Watch, you will win the auction then throw a fit that I cheated you. I even added numerous notes in LARGE HUGE BOLDED RED LETTERS that it is NOT a ticket to this year's show. Wow... idiots! I swear!

On a lighter note... I met Corey Feldman and Rain haha along with a bunch of other people... including Tad Hilgenbrinck who is adorable! Haha I got a signed Lost Boys: The Tribe poster... but Corey wrote my name on it so I won't be selling that haha but I did get a few signed comics and a Ninja Assassins poster signed that I can sell.

ALSO! Most importantly, Sirbrina from A Shot at Love 2 loved San Diego so much when she visited that she is 90% sure she is moving out here. Even better, I replied to her moving announcement on myspace since she said she was looking for a job and place to stay and she replied back to me... haha apparently, I will be acting as her San Diego guru when she has questions. Yessssss. Sooooo in love with her. Damn age difference.
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Teaser [11 Jul 2008|08:51pm]

Yes, I realize I'm amazing. But not amazing enough to go through over 1000 pictures from Europe yet. But yes, I am home... a day late and still no luggage- long story. But there will be a decent post chronicling all my European adventures (with loads of pictures) sometime soon. But for now, just savor the fact that I went to Platform 9 3/4 (and was probably way too excited for it).
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Who Let The Dogs Out? [23 Jun 2008|08:08pm]
I am leaving for Europe tomorrow. I will be in London from the 25th-2nd or so... then Paris til the 9th. I will be back late on July 9th... so I will be on hiatus for 2 weeks, fyi. I'm bringing my Nikon so I will be sure to post billions of pictures when I get back.

I was so excited to bust out my Nikon that I had to go over and take pictures of the cutest puppies ever. I'm going to miss them!! They will all be gone by the time I get back from Europe.

Puppies, puppies... and more puppiesCollapse )
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Disney Grad Night [25 May 2008|04:21pm]
Grad Night at Disney... was probably all it was made out to be. Although, no one mentioned the fact that we would literally be trampled the minute the lands opened. We had a strategy... we put the athletes in the front and formed an OLP chain... then we all made a run for it. But when we reached the ride, the thousands of kids (more specifically, rowdy, annoying boys,) decided to push and form a mosh pit. I quite seriously thought I was going to die. Like we were trampled, bruised, pushed into bushes and trashcans. Someone is going to die... and Disney is gonna have a huge lawsuit on their hands. Anyway, besides that, it was pretty awesome. Oh wait- I forgot to mention the fact that OLP hates our class... and we were given school buses. Like the most uncomfortable ones that continually vibrate and have NO BATHROOMS! They said it was so we wouldn't arrive like "stuck-up rich kids"... we were the only school with school buses! And nearly half our class including me died from not having a bathroom for 4 hours. One of the buses resorted to peeing in a bucket because they wouldn't let them out. It was horrible. No other class in OLP history has ever had to use plain, old, uncomfortable and unsanitary school buses!

Some of the kids we met were hilarious. It also made me realize how like attractive OLP girls are... atleast in comparison to the people we saw. Some of these kids were just hideous... I studder to think what they must look like in broad daylight.

I also hate when clearly overweight people think they can fly. Like honestly, this one girl was telling us how she had to get to her friend like further up the line but really, how do you expect to get there when we are all smooshed against walls?! Mallory turned to her and was like "Honestly?!" but the girl charged as Mallory yelled, "Hey fatass, you can't fly!" It was definitely hilarious.

Lizzy loves to meet new people and of course, there was a huge line to get in and she decides to use it as an opportunity to talk to as many people as possible. She started talking to this one girl... who was apparently from "Clovis High School"... "Oh where is that?" "Clovis" "... where's Clovis?" "...You don't know where Clovis is?!" Like OMG NO! Where the fuck is Clovis?! Don't look at us like we are idiots because we can't locate your stupid town (population 92,000, thanks to my phone). You know, atleast San Diego has a big dot next to it on maps... I don't see "CLOVIS" denoted on any California map, honey! Apparently, it's near Fresno though... who knew? or who even cares? But whenever people asked us where we were from, we said Clovis.

For the most part, we forgot that we weren't at OLP and preceded to do all the borderline-lesbian and completely odd things we usually do like forming a group chain, skipping while holding hands, talking about tampons and vaginas for no reason, and taking as many random pictures as possible. We stood in line for 30 minutes to get a churro then asked someone to take a picture of us with our churros- they thought it was the oddest thing ever. Everyone in line starred at us... like honestly, is it that weird? Well, I don't think so.

Disneyland Grad NightCollapse )

I shall update later about my plans for the summer... because I do have plans and they are big.
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Prom from HELL! [17 May 2008|07:04pm]
Prom was last night... and was more-or-less... underwhelming. Planned by Saints, it ended up in a Holiday Inn with a Pirate theme (though the second choice theme was Star Wars, so in my opinion, we got the better of the two). Now, let me tell you... this was the Prom from HELL! Quite literally, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. And in the most optimistic way, we had a very hilariously entertaining time.

Now let me explain that our limo driver... oh wait, our "shuttle bus" (yes, like the vehicle you take to the airport) driver barely spoke english and could not to simple math to calculate how much we owed him for the night. Mallory's dress strap broke (because her boobs are way too big for her own good haha) but I managed to fix it because I am amazing. Our table had little to no decorations compared to every other table. We were conveniently situated next to the two tables containing my date's 2 ex-girlfriends who were both at one time/still are my friends. We, for some reason, were the only table not to be served dinner... it was like Hell's Kitchen! I had the teachers go yell at the servers who then proceeded to yell at our table, when all we wanted was our dinners when everyone else had already finished dessert. Mallory got bitched out by Emilio, our waiter, who then ignored us the rest of the night, and probably spit in the food we finally got. When we got food, it was cold, there was not enough, we all like passed plates around the table. The pasta was cold. Half the people at our table ordered chicken- they ran out, even though they would have had time to go kill and cook the chickens with the 2 hours they spent before finally serving us. Mallory was like "Uh, actually, I ordered chicken" when they gave her pasta. Of course, Emilio just replied "I know!" and she was like "Well, uh did you like run out?" and our little Emilio stated "Yes" and just walked away... leaving us. So then we finally got some cake... the only food that looked appetizing all night, and when I lifted my fork to my mouth, they turned off the lights cuz of course, everyone had been finished eating for hours. Oh and did I mention that the room was 90% filled with tables and the dancefloor was big enough to fit maybe half the people there. As the night went on, many more things went wrong but in the funniest was possible. I love our class for being able to make the best out of a horrible situation.

Best parts of the night- group pictures, conversations with Matt about varios subjects, bathroom parties, making Matt carry my purse, sneaking Coco past Handlesman without her getting busted for her clearly-visible tattoo, Emilio (in all his unprofessionalism), Mrs. Hurley for stealing cake for us so we didn't starve, Quinn doing her model poses in the bathroom, begging the DJ to sing let us all sing Happy Birthday to Amanda, trying to figure out how to open the messages in a bottle, having random, yet deep conversations with Lorena at her table, and last but not least, STUDIO DINER afterward!

We left Prom at 11... haha as soon as we could. Matt drove us to this diner near Mallory's house which by the way, is amazing. We learned Dayna can tie a cheery stem in her mouth. Matt was amazing and paid for all of us. As we were leaving, I quite literally texted Amanda Lenox and as we walked around the corner, there she was, sitting with Maegan, Annabel, Jenna, Benadette, Alli, Sara and the rest of their group. Quite amazing! We talked to them for a bit while they waited for a table. They asked us what one word would we use to describe the night, and of course... theirs were "dream-come-true", "amazing", "perfect", etc... and ours were like "underwhelming", "hell", and "horrible"- which made us laugh.

All in all, it was one of the weirdest dances I have ever attended. Very hilarious, and I did indeed have a good time. And Matt and I matched perfectly!

A Night to Treasure aka the Prom from Hell!Collapse )
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Senior Retreat [26 Apr 2008|09:38am]
I went on Senior retreat, much to my dismay at first. I went because all my friends were... and it was on my birthday, and who wants to be alone at school without their friends on their birthday? So I went with the false inclination that it would be just like Junior retreat, and I was anticipating the worst, and most awkward/heartbreaking feelings ever. However, it was nothing like I expected- a total 180 from Junior retreat (which is what I needed). Everyone cried both nights... on any other occassion, I'm sure it would seem odd to walk in on a room full of 41 girls all sobbing in a circle, but to us, it seemed normal. I realized that, going to an all girls school, we don't act as normal high school students often do. I think we are much closer which is something I have grown to love about our class. We can truly say anything to anyone and know that it will be okay. I didn't talk much... because that's how I always am. But with Bianca in my group, I felt more comfortable. I feel I had a great group... small group of 5 other girls, all from different groups. I found that I had a lot more in common with them and they were actually real people, a concept I had failed to believe for years.

My heart spelled out in words. Dayna's talk.Collapse )

Flash forward to later that night, it was about 10:30 when we got back to our cabins... we had 2 cuz we are bomb like that haha Lorena let out a "let's go see Coco! Come on, Alex, we're going to see Coco!" which really isn't that out of the ordinary because I love that girl and her cabin is so hilarious. The previous night, Lorena and I had been up in their room playing catch phrase til 2 am. We were up there for maybe 30 minutes... lots of new people came in and the room was filled with girls from all cabins. We played catch phrase a bit and just talked about random things. Those were some of my favorite parts of retreat... just the last night conversations with girls I had never spoken to before. Lorena said, "Okay Alex, let's go back down now." which was extremely odd because we would usually be in there for hours and it was literally mid-conversation. Mallory comes busting in with a glowstick around her neck and says, "Okay Alex, come on"... as I walked downstairs, I anticipated our cabin decorated with a streamer or two... but when I walked in, there were whagt seemed like hundreds of balloons, streamers running in all directions across the room, and Hannah Montana decorations all over. I don't think I said anything... my smile was too big for me to let a word out. I think I managed a "thank you" and another one and another one. Before I knew it, the rest of my cabin came busting through the door with a Jesus statue that hung over every bathroom in every cabin... they seemed to have broken the one from ours haha his arm fell off when they were hanging streamers... and in the OLP senior fashion, they taped his arm back on, hung him up, and acted like no one would notice. Every minute, it seemed like new girls were coming in and out, wishing me a Happy Birthday, playing Twister in the other room, and eating. People who I had never spoken to came in, hugged me, wished me a Happy Birthday, and just hung out on our beds. We had a thizzle dance fest haha no joke.
See?! Like 20 girls doing the thizzle danceeeee!

Birthday Thizzle PicturessssCollapse )

As there was a small crisis with a girl, girls were in and out arond 11:45... but magically, with one minute to spare, everyone... literally atleast 35 girls were in my cabin, ready to sing Happy Birthday at midnight. It was one of the nicest and most amazing moments of my life. I really felt loved and cared for. The girls in Spring Sing put on "All for One" and performed it... then put on Hannah Montana songs for me. It was really amazing... by 1:30 everyone was gone, and it was just the girls in my cabin... we had the best conversations, wrote notes to people, and just laughed. We stayed up til atleast 3. It was one of the best nights of my life. And it ended with a "Hey Dayna?" "Yeah?" "I love you" "I love you too" which is a great and comforting end to any night.

I'll update about my birthday when we got home later... and I'll combine it with the Spring Sing partyyyy which is in a few hours... and my own birthday party on Sunday!
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And Spring Sing makes a comeback... [12 Apr 2008|05:17pm]
[ mood | hot ]

We showed the Spring Sing video that I made at lunch on Thursday. We had it in Ms Knapp's room because Handelsman refused to let us use the theater. Hah so we just created a fire hazard by shoving 55 girls into one classroom. We didn't mind at all though. I'm very proud of the video. Everyone seemed to like it. I was really happy about the turn out. I underestimated Annabel and Maegan's ability to round up the troops.


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I got your picture, I'm coming with you [08 Apr 2008|06:32pm]
I see the world real methodically, just adjusting and reacting to whatever comes my way. It's what I'm good at. I don't complain.

I finally have some free time to relax... I have an Econ test tomorrow. I haven't read the chapters, but then again, what's new? I have an 98% in that class. Tell me why I even show up on B days. Reichy has caught on to our cheating ways- or so he thinks. There are only so many ways to correct a false statement. Just because half the class has the same answer doesn't mean we all cheated. Oh well.

Mr. Stringer apparently thinks I'm some art prodigy... odd. He wants to put one of my paintings in this gallery thing. Eh whatev. All his comments got me a laugh and a smile out of Katrina (not that it matters at this point) so I guess being the next Picasso isn't so bad. Too bad I can't paint to save my life. I think he is blind.

But with my painting (which he said he would pay the $20 entrance fee cuz it's so good), I want to submit some of my photography. Well, one piece since I don't wanna pay $40 for two. It gets framed and whatnot and if it is sold, I get money. If not, I still get a nice, framed picture. As for which to submit, I can't decide between these two... they are pretty much polar opposites, but bring different elements of art and principles of design with them.

You tell me. Which one?

HQ versions under cutCollapse )

Also, my 18th birthday is coming up... I have no idea what to do. I have been saying I would have a big party at my dad's but with our friends so split, I can't invite someone without pissing someone else off. I will be on retreat but get back after school on my birthday. I do want to go to Hooters for lunch. Then that weekend have my party... but like my idea of a party is like techno music then watching old movies and stuffing our faces. I wanted to get the Hannah Montana birthday decoration set too! 5th grade much?
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Make Way for King Baptiiiii [21 Mar 2008|11:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

The most amazing picture in Spring Sing history

I'm still on a Spring Sing high. Like I am so happy in my life right now. I guess I just feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. We had another Leadership Team meeting, and I realized I truly love those girls. Like they are the best team I could have ever asked for. There will never be a class like us ever again... Hurley was trying to prepare for next year's Spring Sing... and we realized that our class is the only class that actually truly cares about every girl in it. Yes, some may hate each other, but as a group, we stand up for everyone. I think it is because the school has been against our class from the very start. We've learned to overcome all our hardships, and we had a great time doing it. I don't think I'm gonna have a hard time adjusting to leaving a lot of the individual girls, but as a whole class, leaving that bond is gonna be hard.

I've also been thinking that maybe instead of directing television/movies, I would do like stage direction instead. Because I really did like directing that. And backstage was always fun, though nervewreaking. Although I had to pretty much single-handedly take care of hundreds of mishaps during the productions, it was a lot of fun.

Friday night, the curtain literally went up and we had one actor mic-ed. The juniors were conveniently jumping up and down, not taking off the mics... so yeah, Annabel's and Natalie's cords were hanging out when they first went on. I ran to meet Annabel when she came off stage, whipped out a safety pin from my pocket (thank you to whoever made me hold their safety pin and never came back for it) and pinned the mic cords to her bra so they would stay up. Then I literally had to stuff Natalie's mic cords down her shorts and push her on stage after a blackout. Haha when you have 5 seconds to fix a mic in total darkness, pretty much anything goes. So I had to pull up her dress and stuff the cords so they would stay. My hands were literally down her shorts as I pushed her onstage for her line. I also had to run to the other side of the stage and fix Natalie's mic when it was getting feedback and static from other mics. It was a total "where's your mic?" *points to chest* "oh, right" moment. Definitely hilarious and very entertaining.

All and all, I think it was a great experience. I think the actors saw all the hard work the directors put into it. I didn't trust anyone but Grace to help with props since our prop people did not go to any practices and had no idea who needed which prop at what time. The actors didn't trust anyone but me to hand them their props and get them dressed. I'm looking forward to actually watching the video of the production because I was so frantic backstage, fixing mics, pinning skirts, finding props, etc, that I didn't get to see one bit of it. But yeah, I think my life has taken a turn for the better.
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SPRING SING 08! [16 Mar 2008|10:12am]
SPRING SING 08 was AMAZINGGGGGG. Seniors DOMINATED! There's no other word to describe us... I am so proud of each and every girl, and I love my class more than anything.

In the previous years, our class has only won one award each year, so we were stoked to even win 2 and double our record... but the awards kept coming!

We won:
Best in Show

and, of course, OVERALL

I am seriously so in love with all my girls. I can't thank them enough. They were always there for me in tough times when I was stressing or freaking out. I will never forget any aspect of Spring Sing 08, the good or the bad. Like Bri said during our prayer, "it's not about the awards... it's about the memories." We had so much going against us from the start, but we never let that get us down for long. Spring Sing 08 was one of the best experiences in my entire high school career, and last night was one of the most amazing and memorable nights of my life!

I will update more later about the dress rehearsals, Friday night's show, and of course all the events of last night including backstage mishaps, my speech, more awards, dressing room festivities, and cosmic bowling!

Lovely Leadership Team

Everybody one for all, and ALL FOR ONE!Collapse )
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Run through [11 Mar 2008|07:46pm]
The Spring Sing run through was amazing today. I seriously think we scared the other classes shitless. We were not perfect, but it seemed like a total transformation from even yesterday. I think the girls really realized that this was almost the final production and really stepped it up. I still think we have the best opening everrrrr. I hope it all goes as planned on Friday and Saturday and that no one gets hurt. SOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!

My analogy for chorus: It was like watching a baby, who had previously fallen numerous times, stand up for the first time and begin to sprint full speed ahead!

Oh and FYI/Note to self... I've never met a girl with a body as amazing as hers. Like I want her body. It's flawless. Note to self: I need to start working out.

Ramina brought me Jamba Juice today which was very nice and tastey- and a total surprise. Lorena just comes up to me... "You know Ramina is here? Carrying 2 Jamba Juices?" hah I'm pretty sure everyone in Spring Sing had a sip before I was done with it.
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Blood Drive [04 Mar 2008|08:25pm]
How many lives did you save today? I saved 3 ie I donated blood. It was my first time haha and it was scary. So uh Jenny (while next to me) had some sort of reaction and couldn't breathe so they hung her like upside down and gave her an ice pack while she like coughed half to death... her arm was the size of a football. Then they bruised one of Elain's veins and couldn't find a vein in the other arm so they bandaged both arms and she still couldn't give blood. Mel threw up after. A few people fainted... but all and all, I think it was a really good blood drive. A lot of girls donated. However, I was about to faint during my Calc quiz. I hope I did okay. But hey, I saved 3 lives... I can afford to fail a quiz. I mean what is truly important in life? Helping people or earning 7 points in Calc?

Stressing. Too much Yearbook and Calc. Spring Sing practices til 5 every day. No time at all. I think I will drink and AMP and pull an all nighter one of these days. I have about 5-8 essays to write this weekend... damn. If I make it through this, I can make it through anything.

I so don't like her. I can't like her. I won't like her!
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Everybody All For One! [01 Mar 2008|06:15pm]
I got into Chapman- which is my first choice school (and the reason for this post), but since I don't like one line posts, I'll continue. I'm pretty excited since they accept less than 100 people to Film Production. I need to go visit again and check out LMU. But it's pretty much between the two of them. I'm leaning towards Chapman because I looooove Disneyland (and it's like 10 minutes away).

SPRING SINGGGG. Weekend practices today and next Saturday. Today was alright. We had to waste a lot of time teaching the girls the finale with the whole school, but we did 2 full run-throughs and taught chorus a dance. We only have one dance left to teach. We also got most of chorus, dancers, and actors fitted for costumes and stuff. My biggest worry was that it would go way overtime... I thought ours would be about 30 minutes. It was 20:12 today. It's supposed to be about 20 minutes. So that was a relief. I'm kinda bummed Herb won't let us do stunts cuz we were gonna throw Becca in the air in the finale (she's a cheerleader and would have 5 cheerleaders spotting her). Lame. Oh well, our finale is still amazing minus the gymnastic stuff. Our chorus dances are kinda complex. I was worried they wouldn't pick them up, but Jill did a great job teaching them. I am so totally excited for Spring Sing. You have no idea. I really wanna win this year. Our class has never won. I'd hate to let them down when it is our last year. Our last song is so fitting to us as seniors, and we are the last class to perform... our last Spring Sing song ever. Great songggg.

I am totally stressing though. Between Yearbook, Calc, and Spring Sing practices til like 5 each day, I'm gonna have a breakdown pretty soon (and become addicted to energy drinks). I have to edit all the articles... then of course ya know write my own and do my own spreads. Fun huh? Atleast I am so quoting myself in the Spring Sing article haha
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Lights, Camera, Alex [23 Feb 2008|07:02pm]
This weekend will consist completely of me doing homework. Between Spring Sing, AP Calculus, Yearbook, and my Comp Cultures paper, I have no time to relax. I got about 6 pages of my paper finished (like 4 more to go), so I hope I can get a few more done tomorrow then finish it up during the week since it is due on Friday. Also, I have to study for the Comp Test on Monday. Who gives a test the same week a huge term paper is due?! Creeper Mr. King does!

Spring Sing has been going great as of recently haha okay well we hit a huge speed bump. Major crack in the leadership team and actors. Sarah and I as directors apparently took a bunch of undeserved hits (or so I was told- I couldn't go to the "meeting" since I was taking my Calc test which I think I did well on by the way). So from now on, I'll be working with the actors to avoid any controversy since I am neutral and according to Kaila, "one of the most accepting and understanding" people- I love Kaila. But I think things are going well. We just have trouble getting chorus members to show up, but now that soccer is over, we have more girls who are able to come. I really enjoy working with the actors. We have a great bunch of girls who are totally hilarious and just amazing. I really enjoy directing which erases any doubts I had about attending Film School next year. The only thing I am genuinely worried about is developing a crush on an actor. But I don't think that will happen. I've been good about not liking anyone for a while now. I should have just cast ugly people haha. I really hope when I go to film school and direct more, that doesn't become a problem. It almost reminds me of that movie, Girl Play.

I've also made it one of my life goals to learn how to play "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton on the piano. I know Bri can. Maybe she can teach me.
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Acting's just pretending, but even that gets old [17 Feb 2008|06:25pm]
I think by updating this more reguarly, I reaffirm myself of my existance. I also think I have been reading too much about John Keats and have now adopted some of his thought processes... too bad the man was an insanely paranoid lunatic, but a true romantic.

I got into LMU *does happy dance* like I did not think I would get in AT ALL! And I was admitted to the Film School in the Production department which is THE hardest one... so *pats self on back*. I also got into CSU Long Beach (which is where Spielberg went). SFSU and CSU Northridge too. I am still waiting to hear back from Chapman which is my first choice... but even if I don't get in, I'll end up at LMU most likely or maybe SFSU. Chapman is my ideal location- like 5 minutes from Disneyland and Disney studios and such- which I would love to work with. I really want to work with Viacom (which owns MTV, Nick, and of course The N- did you know they own LOGO and Paramount Pictures and also Dreamworks Studios?!). LMU is real close to the LAX and central LA whereas Chapman is Anaheim... and SFSU is well, San Francisco. I'd rather not be that far away from home even though I love SF, but I can always visit, ya know?

I have a shit load of homework... 4 day weekend but still. I am sick (but feeling a lot better now). I have a 15 page term paper on Scientology due in a week or two. Gotta get started on that. I did however write my 4 page paper on John Keats today as well as finalize the cues for the Spring Sing script and work on 2 articles for Yearbook. I am also listing things on Ebay again now that college stuff has died down. Now I am applying for scholarships and such. Props to PFLAG for offering a billion different scholarships. And mega props to Mr Galvan for writing my letters of rec for those scholarships. I swear, I love that man.

I gave up like everything fattening for Lent and so far I have lost 4.5 pounds which I am very happy about. However, I haven't lost anything for about 3 days which is annoying. And I am craving some sort of cheeseburger and ice creammmmm.

As for American Idol- VIVA DAVID ARCHULETA! I want to marry that boy and his amazing smile! (and I can't stop playing/singing "Hollywood's Not America" but I'm sure I'll be sick of it in a few months since we will be hearing it quite a lot... but hopefully not for David)
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