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Acting's just pretending, but even that gets old

I think by updating this more reguarly, I reaffirm myself of my existance. I also think I have been reading too much about John Keats and have now adopted some of his thought processes... too bad the man was an insanely paranoid lunatic, but a true romantic.

I got into LMU *does happy dance* like I did not think I would get in AT ALL! And I was admitted to the Film School in the Production department which is THE hardest one... so *pats self on back*. I also got into CSU Long Beach (which is where Spielberg went). SFSU and CSU Northridge too. I am still waiting to hear back from Chapman which is my first choice... but even if I don't get in, I'll end up at LMU most likely or maybe SFSU. Chapman is my ideal location- like 5 minutes from Disneyland and Disney studios and such- which I would love to work with. I really want to work with Viacom (which owns MTV, Nick, and of course The N- did you know they own LOGO and Paramount Pictures and also Dreamworks Studios?!). LMU is real close to the LAX and central LA whereas Chapman is Anaheim... and SFSU is well, San Francisco. I'd rather not be that far away from home even though I love SF, but I can always visit, ya know?

I have a shit load of homework... 4 day weekend but still. I am sick (but feeling a lot better now). I have a 15 page term paper on Scientology due in a week or two. Gotta get started on that. I did however write my 4 page paper on John Keats today as well as finalize the cues for the Spring Sing script and work on 2 articles for Yearbook. I am also listing things on Ebay again now that college stuff has died down. Now I am applying for scholarships and such. Props to PFLAG for offering a billion different scholarships. And mega props to Mr Galvan for writing my letters of rec for those scholarships. I swear, I love that man.

I gave up like everything fattening for Lent and so far I have lost 4.5 pounds which I am very happy about. However, I haven't lost anything for about 3 days which is annoying. And I am craving some sort of cheeseburger and ice creammmmm.

As for American Idol- VIVA DAVID ARCHULETA! I want to marry that boy and his amazing smile! (and I can't stop playing/singing "Hollywood's Not America" but I'm sure I'll be sick of it in a few months since we will be hearing it quite a lot... but hopefully not for David)
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