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This weekend will consist completely of me doing homework. Between Spring Sing, AP Calculus, Yearbook, and my Comp Cultures paper, I have no time to relax. I got about 6 pages of my paper finished (like 4 more to go), so I hope I can get a few more done tomorrow then finish it up during the week since it is due on Friday. Also, I have to study for the Comp Test on Monday. Who gives a test the same week a huge term paper is due?! Creeper Mr. King does!

Spring Sing has been going great as of recently haha okay well we hit a huge speed bump. Major crack in the leadership team and actors. Sarah and I as directors apparently took a bunch of undeserved hits (or so I was told- I couldn't go to the "meeting" since I was taking my Calc test which I think I did well on by the way). So from now on, I'll be working with the actors to avoid any controversy since I am neutral and according to Kaila, "one of the most accepting and understanding" people- I love Kaila. But I think things are going well. We just have trouble getting chorus members to show up, but now that soccer is over, we have more girls who are able to come. I really enjoy working with the actors. We have a great bunch of girls who are totally hilarious and just amazing. I really enjoy directing which erases any doubts I had about attending Film School next year. The only thing I am genuinely worried about is developing a crush on an actor. But I don't think that will happen. I've been good about not liking anyone for a while now. I should have just cast ugly people haha. I really hope when I go to film school and direct more, that doesn't become a problem. It almost reminds me of that movie, Girl Play.

I've also made it one of my life goals to learn how to play "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton on the piano. I know Bri can. Maybe she can teach me.
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