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I got into Chapman- which is my first choice school (and the reason for this post), but since I don't like one line posts, I'll continue. I'm pretty excited since they accept less than 100 people to Film Production. I need to go visit again and check out LMU. But it's pretty much between the two of them. I'm leaning towards Chapman because I looooove Disneyland (and it's like 10 minutes away).

SPRING SINGGGG. Weekend practices today and next Saturday. Today was alright. We had to waste a lot of time teaching the girls the finale with the whole school, but we did 2 full run-throughs and taught chorus a dance. We only have one dance left to teach. We also got most of chorus, dancers, and actors fitted for costumes and stuff. My biggest worry was that it would go way overtime... I thought ours would be about 30 minutes. It was 20:12 today. It's supposed to be about 20 minutes. So that was a relief. I'm kinda bummed Herb won't let us do stunts cuz we were gonna throw Becca in the air in the finale (she's a cheerleader and would have 5 cheerleaders spotting her). Lame. Oh well, our finale is still amazing minus the gymnastic stuff. Our chorus dances are kinda complex. I was worried they wouldn't pick them up, but Jill did a great job teaching them. I am so totally excited for Spring Sing. You have no idea. I really wanna win this year. Our class has never won. I'd hate to let them down when it is our last year. Our last song is so fitting to us as seniors, and we are the last class to perform... our last Spring Sing song ever. Great songggg.

I am totally stressing though. Between Yearbook, Calc, and Spring Sing practices til like 5 each day, I'm gonna have a breakdown pretty soon (and become addicted to energy drinks). I have to edit all the articles... then of course ya know write my own and do my own spreads. Fun huh? Atleast I am so quoting myself in the Spring Sing article haha
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