.::. Alex Freeman .::. (baddaboom95) wrote,
.::. Alex Freeman .::.

Blood Drive

How many lives did you save today? I saved 3 ie I donated blood. It was my first time haha and it was scary. So uh Jenny (while next to me) had some sort of reaction and couldn't breathe so they hung her like upside down and gave her an ice pack while she like coughed half to death... her arm was the size of a football. Then they bruised one of Elain's veins and couldn't find a vein in the other arm so they bandaged both arms and she still couldn't give blood. Mel threw up after. A few people fainted... but all and all, I think it was a really good blood drive. A lot of girls donated. However, I was about to faint during my Calc quiz. I hope I did okay. But hey, I saved 3 lives... I can afford to fail a quiz. I mean what is truly important in life? Helping people or earning 7 points in Calc?

Stressing. Too much Yearbook and Calc. Spring Sing practices til 5 every day. No time at all. I think I will drink and AMP and pull an all nighter one of these days. I have about 5-8 essays to write this weekend... damn. If I make it through this, I can make it through anything.

I so don't like her. I can't like her. I won't like her!
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