.::. Alex Freeman .::. (baddaboom95) wrote,
.::. Alex Freeman .::.

Run through

The Spring Sing run through was amazing today. I seriously think we scared the other classes shitless. We were not perfect, but it seemed like a total transformation from even yesterday. I think the girls really realized that this was almost the final production and really stepped it up. I still think we have the best opening everrrrr. I hope it all goes as planned on Friday and Saturday and that no one gets hurt. SOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!

My analogy for chorus: It was like watching a baby, who had previously fallen numerous times, stand up for the first time and begin to sprint full speed ahead!

Oh and FYI/Note to self... I've never met a girl with a body as amazing as hers. Like I want her body. It's flawless. Note to self: I need to start working out.

Ramina brought me Jamba Juice today which was very nice and tastey- and a total surprise. Lorena just comes up to me... "You know Ramina is here? Carrying 2 Jamba Juices?" hah I'm pretty sure everyone in Spring Sing had a sip before I was done with it.
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