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The most amazing picture in Spring Sing history

I'm still on a Spring Sing high. Like I am so happy in my life right now. I guess I just feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. We had another Leadership Team meeting, and I realized I truly love those girls. Like they are the best team I could have ever asked for. There will never be a class like us ever again... Hurley was trying to prepare for next year's Spring Sing... and we realized that our class is the only class that actually truly cares about every girl in it. Yes, some may hate each other, but as a group, we stand up for everyone. I think it is because the school has been against our class from the very start. We've learned to overcome all our hardships, and we had a great time doing it. I don't think I'm gonna have a hard time adjusting to leaving a lot of the individual girls, but as a whole class, leaving that bond is gonna be hard.

I've also been thinking that maybe instead of directing television/movies, I would do like stage direction instead. Because I really did like directing that. And backstage was always fun, though nervewreaking. Although I had to pretty much single-handedly take care of hundreds of mishaps during the productions, it was a lot of fun.

Friday night, the curtain literally went up and we had one actor mic-ed. The juniors were conveniently jumping up and down, not taking off the mics... so yeah, Annabel's and Natalie's cords were hanging out when they first went on. I ran to meet Annabel when she came off stage, whipped out a safety pin from my pocket (thank you to whoever made me hold their safety pin and never came back for it) and pinned the mic cords to her bra so they would stay up. Then I literally had to stuff Natalie's mic cords down her shorts and push her on stage after a blackout. Haha when you have 5 seconds to fix a mic in total darkness, pretty much anything goes. So I had to pull up her dress and stuff the cords so they would stay. My hands were literally down her shorts as I pushed her onstage for her line. I also had to run to the other side of the stage and fix Natalie's mic when it was getting feedback and static from other mics. It was a total "where's your mic?" *points to chest* "oh, right" moment. Definitely hilarious and very entertaining.

All and all, I think it was a great experience. I think the actors saw all the hard work the directors put into it. I didn't trust anyone but Grace to help with props since our prop people did not go to any practices and had no idea who needed which prop at what time. The actors didn't trust anyone but me to hand them their props and get them dressed. I'm looking forward to actually watching the video of the production because I was so frantic backstage, fixing mics, pinning skirts, finding props, etc, that I didn't get to see one bit of it. But yeah, I think my life has taken a turn for the better.
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