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I got your picture, I'm coming with you

I see the world real methodically, just adjusting and reacting to whatever comes my way. It's what I'm good at. I don't complain.

I finally have some free time to relax... I have an Econ test tomorrow. I haven't read the chapters, but then again, what's new? I have an 98% in that class. Tell me why I even show up on B days. Reichy has caught on to our cheating ways- or so he thinks. There are only so many ways to correct a false statement. Just because half the class has the same answer doesn't mean we all cheated. Oh well.

Mr. Stringer apparently thinks I'm some art prodigy... odd. He wants to put one of my paintings in this gallery thing. Eh whatev. All his comments got me a laugh and a smile out of Katrina (not that it matters at this point) so I guess being the next Picasso isn't so bad. Too bad I can't paint to save my life. I think he is blind.

But with my painting (which he said he would pay the $20 entrance fee cuz it's so good), I want to submit some of my photography. Well, one piece since I don't wanna pay $40 for two. It gets framed and whatnot and if it is sold, I get money. If not, I still get a nice, framed picture. As for which to submit, I can't decide between these two... they are pretty much polar opposites, but bring different elements of art and principles of design with them.

You tell me. Which one?

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also, my 18th birthday is coming up... I have no idea what to do. I have been saying I would have a big party at my dad's but with our friends so split, I can't invite someone without pissing someone else off. I will be on retreat but get back after school on my birthday. I do want to go to Hooters for lunch. Then that weekend have my party... but like my idea of a party is like techno music then watching old movies and stuffing our faces. I wanted to get the Hannah Montana birthday decoration set too! 5th grade much?
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