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Disney Grad Night

Grad Night at Disney... was probably all it was made out to be. Although, no one mentioned the fact that we would literally be trampled the minute the lands opened. We had a strategy... we put the athletes in the front and formed an OLP chain... then we all made a run for it. But when we reached the ride, the thousands of kids (more specifically, rowdy, annoying boys,) decided to push and form a mosh pit. I quite seriously thought I was going to die. Like we were trampled, bruised, pushed into bushes and trashcans. Someone is going to die... and Disney is gonna have a huge lawsuit on their hands. Anyway, besides that, it was pretty awesome. Oh wait- I forgot to mention the fact that OLP hates our class... and we were given school buses. Like the most uncomfortable ones that continually vibrate and have NO BATHROOMS! They said it was so we wouldn't arrive like "stuck-up rich kids"... we were the only school with school buses! And nearly half our class including me died from not having a bathroom for 4 hours. One of the buses resorted to peeing in a bucket because they wouldn't let them out. It was horrible. No other class in OLP history has ever had to use plain, old, uncomfortable and unsanitary school buses!

Some of the kids we met were hilarious. It also made me realize how like attractive OLP girls are... atleast in comparison to the people we saw. Some of these kids were just hideous... I studder to think what they must look like in broad daylight.

I also hate when clearly overweight people think they can fly. Like honestly, this one girl was telling us how she had to get to her friend like further up the line but really, how do you expect to get there when we are all smooshed against walls?! Mallory turned to her and was like "Honestly?!" but the girl charged as Mallory yelled, "Hey fatass, you can't fly!" It was definitely hilarious.

Lizzy loves to meet new people and of course, there was a huge line to get in and she decides to use it as an opportunity to talk to as many people as possible. She started talking to this one girl... who was apparently from "Clovis High School"... "Oh where is that?" "Clovis" "... where's Clovis?" "...You don't know where Clovis is?!" Like OMG NO! Where the fuck is Clovis?! Don't look at us like we are idiots because we can't locate your stupid town (population 92,000, thanks to my phone). You know, atleast San Diego has a big dot next to it on maps... I don't see "CLOVIS" denoted on any California map, honey! Apparently, it's near Fresno though... who knew? or who even cares? But whenever people asked us where we were from, we said Clovis.

For the most part, we forgot that we weren't at OLP and preceded to do all the borderline-lesbian and completely odd things we usually do like forming a group chain, skipping while holding hands, talking about tampons and vaginas for no reason, and taking as many random pictures as possible. We stood in line for 30 minutes to get a churro then asked someone to take a picture of us with our churros- they thought it was the oddest thing ever. Everyone in line starred at us... like honestly, is it that weird? Well, I don't think so.

I always make this face on rides... I think it's my subconscious lesbian coming out.

I finally beat Sofia... but I mean, she was half asleep.

One reason I want to work at Disney, you can pose in everyone's pictures...

In line for Nemo... really, I don't know.

It's okay, we're from Clovis.

I shall update later about my plans for the summer... because I do have plans and they are big.
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