.::. Alex Freeman .::. (baddaboom95) wrote,
.::. Alex Freeman .::.

This was supposed to be posted on Thursday...

People never cease to amaze me... or atleast their stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

I am selling a ticket stub from the 2006 Teen Choice Awards on Ebay... and although it clearly states in the auction description that it is from 2006 and is not a ticket to the 2008 show, people have the bidding up to $152. Lik WTFFFF people. Watch, you will win the auction then throw a fit that I cheated you. I even added numerous notes in LARGE HUGE BOLDED RED LETTERS that it is NOT a ticket to this year's show. Wow... idiots! I swear!

On a lighter note... I met Corey Feldman and Rain haha along with a bunch of other people... including Tad Hilgenbrinck who is adorable! Haha I got a signed Lost Boys: The Tribe poster... but Corey wrote my name on it so I won't be selling that haha but I did get a few signed comics and a Ninja Assassins poster signed that I can sell.

ALSO! Most importantly, Sirbrina from A Shot at Love 2 loved San Diego so much when she visited that she is 90% sure she is moving out here. Even better, I replied to her moving announcement on myspace since she said she was looking for a job and place to stay and she replied back to me... haha apparently, I will be acting as her San Diego guru when she has questions. Yessssss. Sooooo in love with her. Damn age difference.
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