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Star Sightings

I'm going to update on my 2008 Comic Con experience in the next few days... but for now, just be jealous of these.

Anton Yelchin is my 2nd favorite actor (#1 being Jamie Bell) and I am sooooo in love with him. He signed my Charlie Bartlett DVD too and got really excited when I pulled it out.

Milo Ventimiglia *cue fangirl squees*. I am actually not in love with him like 90% of the female population. Yes, during this, I was preoccupied by the fact that Hayden Panettiere was in the same vacinity. Focus on the yellow blob above my head... yeah, that's Hayden. Note my "Hayden is my Hero" shirt. She saw it and gave the guy a thumbs up to give me a free shirt. "Here, this is from Hayden and Milo for your shirt". Yeah, be jealous! I'm going to marry her. She just doesn't know it yet.
Tags: anton yelchin, charlie bartlett, comic con, comic con 2008, hayden panettiere, milo ventimiglia
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