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I just got tickets to the taping of FNMTV next week when Miley Cyrus is performing!
I'm very excited. I love going to tapings in LA. I just need to find someone to drag up there. And the best part (besides it being free) is that the minimum age is 16... meaning that I won't have to deal with thousands of screaming 8 year olds. Yes, ironic since Miley isn't even 16 but still, I'm not complaining. Miley Cyrus, Hawthorne Heights, and David Banner will be there.

I am also contemplating going to the Teen Choice Awards this year. Tickets are $230... probably around $260 after ticketmaster charges and whatnot. I feel like the FNMTV taping would suffice even though I can't bring my camera or phone in. It would save me $260, and I would get to see Miley perform a few songs. I can do both... but it would require going up to LA twice in 3 days.
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