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Yeah, I'm the one in the red... to the left of Miley's feet.

FNMTV taping was amazing.
I am so in love with Miley. Emma and I were on TV just about the entire timeeee. I'm definitely the first audience member you see when Miley starts the show singing 7 Things (see above photo). Sweet. We were technically at the back end of the Pit but since it is a circle, they do a lot on the back end of the stage so we were literally leaning on the stage the whole time. One of the workers tipped us off telling us exactly where Miley was coming out so we would be positioned perfectly. I was the first and only one to see her when she was waiting to go on and she waved to me. We touched Pete Wentz, David Banner, some of Hawthorne Heights and the hot bassist from All Time Low. Oh and I accidentally semi-raped Miley. Good thing I am tall and have long arms or I would have had to be literally on the stage to touch her haha but she ran by again during Fly on the Wall and ran into my hand causing me to practically stroke her inner thigh... haha oops? And the best part is... they totally aired that part! Emma grabbed Pete's ass which made her day. I didn't bring my camera or phone in because well they said not to... but then encouraged those who snuck them in to use them... so next taping I go to, I will take loads of pictures. Ashlee Simpson and Anna Faris were there... and Pink! Lots of famous people. And Miley's mom of course. We saw Miley on the way into the set since they were moving her from her dressing room to the set. The set is amazingggg! I love the way it is set up. But FYI, all the lighting looks amazing on the actual show, but it's torture to the audience... almost seisure-enducing but fun. But yeah, if you didn't catch it... you can watch the reruns. They play them a lot.

I am severely entertained by the placement of my hand.

Okay, I'm done now. I went a bit overboard on the screen shots.

After, Emma and I went to the Walk of Fame since she had never seen it and we ate dinner since we hadn't eaten all day and were about to faint. We also bought matching scaves at Forever 21.

Tomorrow, I have my official audition for that MTV show I was talking about before... wish me luck. I don't know if I am what they are looking for, but if I am, hopefully it works out. I'm pretty nervous but I've been myself so far and they still seem interested in that, so I guess I'll just continue to be myself.
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