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Hey Girl Heyyy... again

I started college... and it seems like a huge transition so far. My classes are hard. They were supposed to be easy compared to OLP... what is this?! I guess I've found it a bit harder to make friends here than in high school. I'm sure I'll meet more people as classes progress and stuff but still. Atleast I'm not completely alone. I have Jeanette who has become one of my only friends here but she is amazing. She's also a Film Production major so we see each other more than most people would think even though we only have 2 classes together. Then there's Jimbo who seems like the older brother type even though he is younger than I am. Anyway, Sociology and Forensics seem hard as they involve lots of reading haha which I don't like at all. But Bowling is amazing. I met this guy Spencer who is now my bowling partner and he is also from San Diego. I'm pretty sure I'm the only freshman in the class and one of 3 or 4 girls. FFC is amazing since we already knew everyone in the class and both Jimbo and Jeanette are in it... and some of my other friends. I swear Jeanette and I are gonna get in so much trouble. All we do it talk the entire time.

Sunday, Jeanette and I went to Audio Overload because well my future wife, Brittany, was there...

And again, she was totally amazing and I love her. She was talking to me and asked where we went to school and stuff. I felt bad cuz people weren't really going to her booth so she kept just walking around and I kept bumping into her around the booths and stuff. Then when we were leaving, she was coming back from the parking lot and she said bye to us and everything. God, I love Brittany! She signed a shirt and my shoe hahaha

I brought in this shoe as my personal object to share in FFC hahah yes, I am amazing like that.

Long and busy week. Joel McHale performed at Chapman last night. He was great. I love The Soup! Then Friday we have this Film meeting, the Matt (my totally amazing and flamboyant RA) is throwing a pizookie partyyyy!, then I want to go to the Orange International Street Fair til 10 cuz I'm going home on Saturday.
Tags: college, hey girl hey, jeanette, joel mchale, shot at love
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